Analyzing the Data

On this page is a table of airport data. Each airport has data and a link to more information about that airport. The table includes information about 'enplanements', which the FAA defines as the number of commercial passengers boarding an aircraft at an airport. This number does not include arriving or through passengers, so the number of 'flights' in and out of an aiport would be about double that number. That number includes only 'for hire' traffic, so it should be a pretty good gauge of commercial traffic as opposed to private traffic. There is also a number for 'rank', which is the rank of the airport based on the enplanement information.

Code Name Activated City State Rank Enplanements Notices Urgency
FFX Fremont Muni 09/01/1946 Fremont MI 1,557 1 None
GDW Gladwin Zettel Memorial 04/01/1940 Gladwin MI 1,561 1 None
JYM Hillsdale Muni 10/01/1962 Hillsdale MI 1,574 1 None
ERY Luce County 04/01/1940 Newberry MI 1,554 1 None
IRS Kirsch Muni 04/01/1940 Sturgis MI 1,571 1 None
SGS South St Paul Muni-richard E Fleming Fld 10/01/1941 South St Paul MN 1,589 1 None
MO8 North Central Missouri Rgnl 06/01/2002 Brookfield MO 1,580 1 None
6S5 Ravalli County 04/01/1940 Hamilton MT 1,533 1 None
BML Berlin Rgnl 12/01/1946 Berlin NH 1,542 1 None
26N Ocean City Muni 11/01/1937 Ocean City NJ 1,524 1 None
TCS Truth Or Consequences Muni 02/01/1946 Truth Or Consequences NM 1,594 1 None
1L4 Kidwell Cal Nev Ari NV 1,523 1 None
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